SPECS-TII Technology Beijing Co., Ltd.

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SPECS-TII Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. is the Chinese subsidiary of the joint venture between the German SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH and the Japanese Tokyo Instruments Inc. (owner of UNISOKU Co. Ltd.) based in Zurich, Switzerland. SPECS-TII Technology Beijing Co., Ltd. is the sole distributor of all SPECSGROUP products and TII Group products in China and Hongkong, offering state-of-the-art technology in low temperature UHV scanning probe microscopes, photoelectron spectroscopy systems, control systems and customized cutting-edge systems and components for surface analysis.  Our Chinese personnel provide local sales and service regarding Chinese product inquiries, purchase processes, installations, and support requests.  Please contact us using the contact information below.


SPECS-TII Technology Beijing Co., Ltd.

Room 418A, Building 39
4 Workers Stadium North Rd
Chaoyang District100027

T +86 10-65 01 03 55
F +86 10-51 58 11 04
E support.china@specs.com


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