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SPECS-TII GmbH is a joint venture between the German SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH and the Japanese Tokyo Instruments Inc. (owner of UNISOKU Co. Ltd.) based in Zurich, Switzerland. Several years ago the two worldwide market leading companies SPECS Surface Nano Analysis and Tokyo Instruments decided to manifest their strong collaboration by founding the joint venture SPECS-TII GmbH in Switzerland for sales and service activities in certain regions of the world. Since then the collaboration has proven to be successful by forming strong local partner companies for our appreciated customers in North America and China, being able to provide consultancy and service for the market-leading brands SPECS, Nanonis, Enviro, TII and Unisoku.



Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zurich

T +41 44 445 18 25
E info@specs-tii.com


Brands of excellence

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